Bible study,  Romans

Romans Update

Plan 2.1.1

As I began putting the Romans study together I got through chapter 8 and had almost 30 lessons, and that is only half the book! Thinking that a 60 session Bible study might be a little overwhelming, not only to produce, but also to use I have made some slight adjustments.

So – here’s the new plan – release the entire book of Romans as a series of studies that covers the book by chapters, or sets of chapters. For instance, the first study will be on Romans 1 (a fairly good place to start). The second study might be on chapters 2-4, and so on and so forth.

That being said, I hope to have the first study available by the beginning of January, if not sooner. It will a 6 lesson study called, “Romans 1: Righteousness Revealed.” The videos will be free for use, and you can receive a FREE copy of the workbook by signing up for our email list.